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Wild Planet Adventure’s Alaska eco tours are every wildlife lover’s dream trip. Choose from a variety of our Alaska trips and all-inclusive vacation packages, featuring incomparable wildlife encounters with whales, bears feasting on salmon, caribou, walrus, sea lions, bald eagles, moose, fox, wolves and much more.

Alaska’s jaw-dropping scenic landscapes, majestic mountains, towering tidewater glaciers, temperate coastal rainforests, pristine glacier-fed streams, tundra-covered interior offer some of the best wildlife habitat in the United States. Wild Planet’s Alaska tours feature two distinct regions of Alaska.


In South Central Alaska, our tours include wildlife viewing in Denali and Kenai Fjords national parks, plus a virtually unknown remote lodge on the Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge that offers the most unique wildlife experience anywhere in the state.


Or explore Southeast Alaska, home to Glacier Bay, Gustavus, Haines and the spectacular upper Tsirku River, Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve and Mendenhall Glacier. Here we also offer an exciting trip to several of Alaska’s most remote wildlife destinations assisted by helicopters and scenic flights –the best way to see the grandeur of Alaska’s majestic vistas, towering mountains and astonishing glaciers while enabling you to travel beyond the tourist routes.


We know you choose to travel with Wild Planet because of our wildlife expertise and our specially designed wildlife activities that maximize wildlife encounters in less-traveled wildlife destinations. Less wary travelers, concerned about Alaska’s high costs and sometimes strenuous backcountry activities, can easily find themselves lured into bland hotels, giant cruise ships, commercial bus tours and other tourist traps, while missing the authentic wilderness and wildlife of Alaska’s more remote areas where wildlife abounds. But there is a middle ground! Wild Planet Adventure’s 30 years of wildlife expertise caters exactly to travelers like you – we offer both value-packed shorter itineraries that visit Alaska’s iconic destinations (while still avoiding crowds!) as well as our signature longer wildlife tours that use small flights and helicopters to access areas where there are still, literally, far more bears (and wolves!) than people. No matter which of our Alaska wildlife tours you choose, our insider knowledge of Alaska’s absolute best wildlife experiences means you can be assured of a non-commercial, immersive Alaska wildlife adventure that you expect from Wild Planet Adventures as one of the world’s premier wildlife experts.

1) Small Groups, Ideal for Wildlife Viewing. Our Alaska group sizes differ depending on the destination and activity. Some groups require a maximum of just 5 travelers due to the small flights involved, and others we can take 12-16 travelers, but we average just 4-8 travelers on 98% of all departures. Our small group size is designed to maximize wildlife encounters and to allow for a more intimate and authentic experience of nature that simply isn’t possible on a large bus tour or aboard a huge cruise ship with thousands of passengers. This is the Wild Planet advantage for wildlife viewing in Alaska!

2) The Most Comprehensive Wildlife-Focused Itineraries Possible You wouldn’t want to visit South Central Alaska without the chance to megafauna in Denali or the marine wildlife of Kenai Fjords. But it is the unique wildlife at our remote lodge –deep into the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge enroute to the Aleitian Islands and nearly 500 miles from Anchorage– that makes this itinerary world-class. Nowhere else in Alaska will you find such an abundance and diversity of unhabituated wild animals roaming as they did a century ago. Similarly, should you choose our Southeast Alaska tours centered around Glacier Bay, you’ll have the opportunity to raft the remote upper Tsirku River, teeming with wildlife, enjoy a Heli-hike at Mendenhall Glacier that goes way beyond the tourist routes, a private plane assisted hike to the aptly named Moose Meadows, and much more!

3) Stay in the Remote Backcountry of Denali National Park (South Central itineraries) Avoid the massive crowds at Denali near the park entrance where thousands of other guests congregate. Instead, we will travel 90 miles deep into the heart of Denali National Park where we can maximize wildlife viewing, enjoy guided activities in relative solitude and enjoy 2 nights at a special lodge.

4) Marine Wildlife and Glacier Cruise to Kenai Fjords (South Central itineraries) Spot whales, sea lions, sea otters, puffins and more from a small private vessel rather than a crowded excursion boat or cruise ship. Then enjoy hiking, wildlife viewing, sea kayaking amid glacial ice, canoeing in the lagoon and the breathtaking coastal vistas at Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge.

5) Secret Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Lodge – Alaska’s Most Unique Wildlife Tour! Over 500 miles by private scenic flight over the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge, this extraordinary lodge is in the midst of extremely high-density of bear, walrus, wolves, moose, caribou, fox and many more. Nowhere else in Alaska will you find real unhabituated wild animals roaming as they did a century ago. Unlike any of Alaska’s National Parks, here the bears never see people, and neither will you.

6) Helicopter & Scenic Air Assisted Wildlife & Natural Wonders (Wildlife by Wings Itinerary) We use helicopters and scenic flights for access to more remote natural wonders and prime wildlife habitat. There’s simply no better way to experience the grand vistas of Glacier Bay and its breathtaking mountains, forests, rivers and glaciers than by scenic aerial flights!

7) Expert Naturalist Guides – Wild Planet has made our name as wildlife experts in no small part due to the dedication of some of the world’s best guides. Whether they work a lodge or own it themselves, these are the women and men whose passion for nature and wildlife will excite you, inform you and keep you safe while enjoying a wide variety of adventure activities and wildlife encounters.

8) Carbon-Neutral Since 2007 – One of the First Carbon-Neutral Adventure Travel Companies. We care deeply about our planet, and our travelers do to. So the carbon emissions from your trip are 100% offset—including your round-trip flights– all at no additional cost to you. We now offer the option to help us become Climate Positive for a small additional donation. Ask us how!

Alaska Trips - Select your adventure from our trips below

Alaska - 12-Day Ultimate Alaska: Kenai Fjords, Denali & Alaska Peninsula

Explore Kenai Fjords spectacular seacoast by kayak and small boat, and spot wildlife deep in the heart of Denali National Park. We combine these classic destinations with Alaska’s most unique wildlife experience in a remote part of the Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge, host to an extremely high density of bear, walrus, wolves, moose, caribou, fox and more. Nowhere else in Alaska will you find unhabituated wild animals roaming as they did a century ago. This is not a canned tourist attraction; unlike any of Alaska’s National Parks, here the bears never see people, and neither will you! Learn More>

2023 - $12,798

Alaska - 8-Day Classic Alaska: Kenai Fjords & Denali

A shorter version of our 12-day Ultimate Alaska Wildlife Tour without the Alaskan Peninsula. Board a private vessel to Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge and explore Kenai Fjords National Park’s spectacular seacoast by kayaking, canoeing, hiking and wildlife viewing. Then venture deep into the remote Kantishna region of Denali National Park, avoiding the massive crowds near the park entrance where thousands of other guests congregate, instead traveling 90 miles deep into the heart of Denali National Park where wildlife abounds! Learn More>

2024 - $7,598

Alaska - 8-Day Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge

By popular demand, we’ve expanded the incredible climax of our Ultimate Alaska tour so you can enjoy a full week at Alaska’s most unique wildlife lodge! Host to an extremely high density of bear, walrus, wolves, moose, caribou, fox and more, this remote area of the volcano-studded Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge is Alaska’s best unknown wildlife experience. Nowhere else in Alaska will you find real unhabituated wild animals roaming as they did a century ago. This is not a canned tourist attraction, this is an exclusive Wild Planet wildlife safari, guided by real Alaskans on the remote Alaska Peninsula. Unlike any of Alaska’s National Parks, here the bears never see people, and neither will you! Learn More>

2023 - $8,198

Alaska - 7-Day Glacier Bay & Wildlife of Southeast Alaska

This introduction to Glacier Bay starts with a floatplane to Admiralty or Chichagof for Alaska’s best Grizzly bear viewing. Then hike the Tongass National Forest, view the famed Mendenhall Glacier, paddle Chilkoot lake and raft the wildlife rich Chikat river amidst the largest gathering of bald eagles in the world. Enjoy world-class views of glaciers, cascading waterfalls and wide expanses of alpine tundra; prime habitat for whales, bears, golden eagles, ptarmigan, hares, and more. Sail for a day among glaciers and whales in the awe-inspiring Glacier Bay National Park, one of the most stunning places on earth. Learn More>

2023 - $7,998

Alaska - Travel on Your Own

Choose your destinations, go whenever - and wherever - you want. With this Alaskan trip, you can choose from any destination in the State and we can put your trip together for you. Gain access to our local, full-service office and our expert wildlife guides, vehicles, logistical support, and intimate knowledge of local accommodations, activities, and destination value. Allow us to customize a trip to Alaska that meets your heart's desires! Learn More>

2023 - Pricing Available Upon Request

Choose Your Alaska Travel Style! Any of our wildlife adventures are also available as fully customizable private trips, honeymoons or family wildlife adventures.

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