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The Ultimate Combination of Wildlife Safari & Culture
Our award-winning India journeys eliminate the need to choose between India's spiritually rich cultural experiences or its classic wildlife safaris --Wild Planet's Leopards, Tigers and Palaces itineraries provides the very best of both.

Nature's Exotic Jewel
Wild Planet offers the most comprehensive 13-day and 19-day multi-safaris available in India. Our wildlife expertise shines at India's top national parks, wildlife reserves and UNESCO World Heritage Sites where you can thrill to the sight of wild leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, tigers and more. Our 19-day program includes safaris in 5 very different National Parks and wildlife reserves, by jeep, elephant-back and camel-back. Only Wild Planet offers a combination of safaris in such a wide variety of eco-systems, for the best wildlife experience possible.

A Cultural and Spiritual Journey
In addition to unsurpassed wildlife viewing, you'll immerse yourself in India's cultural and spiritual melange of sights, scents and colors--the brilliant reds and bold saffron of tribal costumes, the rose pink of ancient palaces, the soft indigo rooftops of fabled cities, the tawny browns of vast deserts, and the unforgettable black and orange stripes of the tiger. You'll feel transported back to a romantic era of turbaned warriors, valiant princes, and sultry harems as you explore the golden-hued desert strongholds of Jodhpur and Jaipur, the magnificent Taj Mahal, the remote villages of Rajasthan and off-the-beaten-track Assam, the Bishnois sect of Hindus who revere wildlife as part of their religion, and the contrasting modern bustle of Delhi. No other company offers anything like this!

Stay in Princely Style
Wild Planet's India trips allow you to experience the dramatic rivers, fabled jungles and profuse big game of this exotic jewel. You'll stay in princely style at accommodations ranging from 4 & 5 star hotels to top game lodges and classic safari tented camps. You can even choose to stay at a former maharajas' palace which has now been converted into a magnificent hotel! You simply won't find an itinerary as remarkable as ours, or one that so thoroughly explores so many facets of India's wildlife, culture and spirituality. Our 19-day or 13 day Ultimate Wildlife Safari: Leopards, Tigers and Palaces journeys are available in your choice of scheduled group departures or you can go on your own on a date of your own choosing with minimum of 2 people. We also offer custom tours for families, groups and special interests including ashrams and yoga. If you don't see what you're looking for, please give us a call!

India - Award-Winning Wildlife Safaris & Cultural EcoTours - Select Your Adventure Below:

India - Ultimate Wildlife Safari 19-Day: Leopards, Tigers & Palaces

This multiple-award-winning trip combines the very best of India's spiritually rich culture and its classic wildlife safaris. It is the most comprehensive multi-safari available in India, with unsurpassed safaris for tigers, leopards, rhinos & wild elephants. Includes 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 5 national parks, plus the cultural and spiritual melange of Jodhpur, Jaipur, Agra, Taj Mahal and more. Learn More>

2024 - $7,998

India - Ultimate Wildlife Safari 13-Day: Leopards, Tigers & Palaces

A shorter version of our acclaimed Ultimate Wildlife safari featuring the first 13 days of the 19 day tour, without Kaziranga & Manas. Enjoy leopard safaris in Siana, tiger safaris in Kanha, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Bharatpur & the Taj Mahal, plus rich culture & spiritual experiences in Jodhpur, Jaipur and Agra. Learn More>

2024 - $5,198

India - Untamed India & Nepal 19-Day Wildlife Safari

This multi-safari combines the best of India and Nepal, featuring unique walking and boating safaris in Satpura (+ jeep) for a more intimate and authentic wildlife experience. Tiger safaris in Bandhavgarh (India) and Bardia National Park (Nepal), and Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary. Visit the ashrams of Varanasi, witness the spiritual ceremonies at the Holy Ganges river, erotic carvings of Khajuraho, culture of Kathmandu & the Taj Mahal - 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites! Learn More>

2024 - $9,598

India - Untamed India 14-Day Wildlife Safari

A shorter version of our 19-day "Untamed" itinerary including everything except Nepal, with walking and boat safaris in Satpura (+ jeep) for a more intimate and authentic wildlife experience, tiger safaris in Bandhavgarh, and the riverside wildlife sanctuary of Chambal. Visit the ashrams of Varanasi, witness the spiritual ceremonies at the Holy Ganges river, erotic carvings of Khajuraho & Taj Mahal. Learn More>

2024 - $6,398

India - Pushkar Fair & Ultimate Wildlife Safari 19-Day

The Pushkar Camel Fair is the only one of its kind in the entire world. During the fair, people from rural India flock to Pushkar, along with camel and cattle, for several days of livestock trading, horse dealing, pilgrimage, and religious festivals. This small town becomes a cultural phenomenon when colorfully dressed devotees, musicians, acrobats, folk dancers, traders, comedians, 'sadhus' and tourists reach here during Pushkar Fair. We've combined this authentic cultural experience with our award-winning India Ultimate Wildlife Safari itinerary for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Learn More>

2024 - Call for pricing

India - Holi Festival & Ultimate Wildlife Safari 13-Day

This special departure combines our award-winning India Ultimate Wildlife Safari itinerary with the amazing Holi Festival to bring you an unparalleled wildlife experience coupled with an authentic and memorable cultural experience of celebrating Holi during your adventure. Learn More>

2024 - $5,598

India - Travel on Your Own

Choose your destinations, go whenever--and wherever--you want. Choose from any destination in the country and we can put your trip together for you. Gain access to our local, full-service office and our expert wildlife guides, vehicles, logistical support, and intimate knowledge of local accommodations, activities, and destination value. Allow us to customize a trip to meet your heart's desires! Learn More>

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Choose Your India Travel Style! Any of our wildlife adventures are also available as fully customizable private trips, honeymoons or family wildlife adventures.

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