Madagascar Lemurs & Wildlife EcoTours

A wonderland of biodiversity, Madagascar's 1,000 endemic species include dancing sifaka lemurs, wailing indri lemurs, colorful chameleons and stealthy fossa cats. Nearly all of its reptile and amphibian species, half of its birds, and all of its lemurs are unique to the island.  

Our Madagascar itineraries carefully combine rainforest, dry spiny forest, Tsingy “stone forest”, rivers, islands and marine ecosystems to deliver unparalleled wildlife sightings – including up to 40 lemur species and countless chameleon species possible! We avoid the small, commonly-visited touristy parks with overly habituated animals that trap even the most informed travelers. Instead, our itineraries offer the best possible selection of national parks for travelers who seek a more pristine, authentic, biodiverse, uncrowded and non-commercial wildlife adventure, packed with our legendary wildlife expertise. And you won’t have to sacrifice comfort! We’ve included some of Madagascar’s most outstanding lodges and carefully arranged the majority of travel by charter flights and scheduled flights to avoid the long, rugged drives of 12-24 hours that Madagascar is notorious for. This is truly Madagascar’s ultimate weird and wonderful wildlife eco-tour!

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Madagascar - Bizarre & Beautiful: Lemurs, Chameleons & Endemics 18-Day EcoTour

Explore 5 of Madagascar’s most pristine, biodiverse and distinctly different national parks including Masoala, it’s crown jewel with 50% of Madagascar’s species, Ankarana with the highest density of primates in the world, Amber Mountain for rare animals, Andasibe-Mantadia with the world’s record for frog species, and a unique segment on the Mandrare river with insider access to the Antandroy tribe and the wildlife of their sacred spiny forest. Up to 40 lemur species! Learn More>

2024 - $13,598

Madagascar - Bizarre & Beautiful: Lemurs, Chameleons & Endemics 12-Day EcoTour

A shorter version of our most popular itinerary featuring Masaoala, Andasibe-Mantadia and the Mandrare River, but without Ankarana and Amber Mountain. Explore a combination of rainforest, river and dry spiny forest ecosystems for a huge variety of wildlife. Travel mostly by scheduled and charter flights to avoid the small, commonly-visited touristy parks with overly habituated animals. Learn More>

2024 - $10,598

Madagascar - Whales & Whale Sharks – 5-Day Extension

Extend your trip 4 nights to Nosy Be Island with its famous vanilla and ylang-ylang infused air. Enjoy thrilling encounters with humpback whales (July-Sept) or snorkel with gentle, giant whale sharks – the world’s largest fish (Sept-Dec) as well as dolphins and turtles.  Participate in collecting observational data for scientific research.  Learn More>

2024 - $1,998

Madagascar - Tsingy de Bemaraha & Kirindy - 7D/6N Extension

Explore the famous limestone pinnacle “forests” of Tsingy de Bemaraha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, plus Kirindy National Park and a canoe trip on the Manambolo river. Home to a combined 17 lemur species including Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur, the world’s smallest primate, plus cat-like fossa, gorgeous Labord’s and Oustalet’s chameleons. Learn More>

2024 - Call for Pricing

Choose Your Madagascar Travel Style! Any of our wildlife adventures are also available as fully customizable private trips, honeymoons or family wildlife adventures.

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