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Thailand EcoTours

Thailand EcoTours with Wildlife Experts

Many travelers are familiar with Thailand's magnificent islands, beaches, Buddhist temples, massage, and colorful cuisine, but Thailand's rainforests are also home to many bird and mammal species: elephants, tigers, 13 species of primates and 900 species of birds - perfect for Wild Planet's wildlife expertise!

Our 11-day and 15-day Thailand & Laos "Ultimate Wildlife" eco-tours have been named one of the "50 Tours of a Lifetime" by National Geographic Traveler. These exclusive itineraries include Thailand's best wildlife destinations plus exotic cultural experiences at a cooking school, Buddhist temples, floating markets, and more! The climax of the trip is one of the most unique eco-tourism projects in the world - the exhilarating treehouses and ziplines of the Gibbon Experience.

A Wildlife Lover's Paradise
The national parks of Kaeng Krachan, Kui Buri, Sam Roi Yot, Doi Inthanon and Khao Yai harbor some of the most diverse and fascinating wildlife on earth, including populations of wild elephants, gaurs, tigers, gibbons, langurs, macaques, barking deer, flying foxes and unique birds such as hornbills and Indian rollers. You'll also find wildlife experiences that are uniquely Thai, such as an elephant camp where you can bathe elephants in a river. And of course Thailand's famous islands, beaches and karst. Choose from a variety of itineraries including the single most unique eco-tourism experience we've ever encountered: a system of ziplines and tree-houses where you can see gibbons sing duets to each other. The Gibbon Experience is offered either as part of our award-winning 15-day Ultimate Wildlife eco-tour or as a 5-day tour by itself.

Hidden Thailand: Remote Rainforests and Islands
Our Hidden Thailand program is perfect for travelers who love finding spellbinding places no one knows about. These remote destinations include a floating aqua-lodge on a 185 sq. km lake with 3,000 ft. tall limestone karst mountains. You'll explore the lake by long tail boat and sea kayak which allow sightings of rare animals -- including clouded leopard, slow loris, smooth-coated otters, 6 species of primates and more -- all without scaring them away. You'll also enjoy safaris by jeep and foot in the largest and least-visited national park in the country, for the best chance to see wild elephant, gibbons, leopard and more. Our Hidden Thailand program also includes a cultural segment in Chiang Mai and a remote island archipelago near the Malaysian boarder where you can still snorkel amongst colorful soft corals!

Thailand Award-Winning Wildlife EcoTours - Select Your Adventure:

Thailand - Ultimate Wildlife 15-Day EcoTour

Enjoy wildlife viewing in 5 national parks including Kaeng Krachan and Sam Roi Yot, an acclaimed elephant camp, the culture of Chiang Mai, and snorkeling on Ko Talu island. The grand finale is magnificent treehouses accessed by ziplines to see gibbons singing love duets to each other! Learn More>

2024 - $5,598

Thailand - Ultimate Wildlife 11-Day EcoTour

A shorter version of our award-winning itinerary without the treehouses & ziplines. Includes wildlife safaris in Kaeng Krachan, Sam Roy Yot & Doi Inthanon national parks, elephant camp, Grand Palace, Chiang Mai, cooking school, Buddhist temples, floating market & snorkeling on Ko Talu island. Learn More>

2024 - $4,798

Thailand - Hidden Thailand 14-Day EcoTour

Our most popular Thailand itinerary, featuring remote Klong Seang Wildlife Sanctuary. Stay in a floating Aqua-Lodge surrounded by 3,000 ft. tall karst. Safari by long-tail boat & kayak to see wildlife like clouded leopards. Plus safari by jeep & foot in Kaeng Krachan, Thailand's largest and least visited National Park, search for sunbirds in Doi Inthanon cloudforest, track wild elephants in Kui Buri National Park, explore the culture of Chiang Mai & Chang Thai Heritage Elephant Sanctuary. Snorkel the clear turquoise waters of Ko Tarutao archipelago and relax on its beautiful beaches. Learn More>

2024 - $5,598

Thailand - Hidden Thailand 11-Day EcoTour

A shorter version of this remote itinerary featuring the culture of Chiang Mai, wildlife viewing from our floating Aqua Lodge at Klong Seang Wildlife Sanctuary, plus snorkeling and relaxing on beautiful islands of Ko Tarutao Archipelago. Enjoy safaris by long-tail boat, kayak, jeep and foot for the chance to see clouded leopard, elephant, gaur, langurs, tiger and more. Learn More>

2024 - $4,598

Thailand - 20-Day Insider's Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos)

Our 30th Anniversary Trip combines Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Laos, with wildlife safaris in 4 national parks, 5 world-class culinary experiences, an Artisan Cruise in Ha Long Bay, and sunrise at Angkor Wat. Explore Thailand’s Phu Khiao Wildlife Sanctuary, not otherwise open to the general public, Vietnam’s Son Tra Reserve, the last habitat for colorful Red Duoc Langurs, and Laos’ virtually unknown Nam Et-Phou Louey, home to 6 cat species. Feast on celebrity-led street food tours, a “Royal Banquet” with real royal family members, and a gourmet “dinner under the stars” in the Cambodian countryside. Learn More>

2024 - $9,698

Thailand - 7-Day Thailand Bangkok Culinary Tour & Phu Khiao Wildlife Sanctuary Extension

Enjoy a street-food tour of a 100-year old culinary neighborhood in Bangkok – named one of the best day tours in Thailand! This program also features safaris in Phu Khiao Wildlife Sanctuary by special government permission. Not open to the general public, this is one of the best regions in all of Thailand to spot large mammals such as elephants, dhole (Asian wild dog), golden jackal, and more! This can be added as an extension to any longer Thai or Southeast Asian itinerary. Learn More>

2024 - $2,898

Thailand - Gibbon Experience Treehouses & Ziplines

Only for the truly adventurous, stay at one of 6 magnificent rustic treehouses in Laos, accessed by an exciting network of ziplines! See gibbons sing morning love duets as the mist burns off the rainforest. The treehouses allow you to be up in the rainforest canopy at dawn, dusk and all night, which are the best times for wildlife viewing. One of the most unique eco-tourism experiences in the world! Learn More>

2024 - $1,898

Thailand - Angkor Wat Extension

You've traveled all the way to Thailand, and had the adventure of a would be a shame to have come all this way and not see the temples of Angkor Wat! Wild Planet is delighted to offer this cultural Cambodia 3 day 4 night extension to our Thailand Wildlife Ecotour offering. Angkor is one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia. Stretching over some 400 square kilometers including forested area, Angkor Archaeological Park contains the magnificent remains of the different capitals of the Khmer Empire, from the 9th to the 15th century. They include the famous Temple of Angkor Wat and, at Angkor Thom, the Bayon Temple with its countless sculptural decorations. UNESCO has set up a wide-ranging programme to safeguard this symbolic site and its surroundings.   Learn More>

2024 - $1,398

Thailand - Travel on Your Own

Choose your destinations, and travel whenever you want. All of our itineraries are available for private services on a date of your own choosing, or let us customize a trip for you based on our extensive knowledge of Thailand. Choose any destination in Thailand, including its spectacular national parks and islands. Learn More>

Choose Your Thailand Travel Style! Any of our wildlife adventures are also available as fully customizable private trips, honeymoons or family wildlife adventures.

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