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Peru - Amazon Wildlife & Machu Picchu

While Machu Picchu is at the forefront of many world-traveler's dream trip, Peru is equally revered amongst wildlife lovers for the Amazon Rainforest, which harbors 40% more biodiversity than the Brazilian Amazon. In fact, the number one park in the world for biodiversity is Manu Biosphere Reserve, visited by less than 3,500 visitors each year. Nearby Tambopata Reserve is also home to the world's largest macaw and parrot clay licks where one can see 1,000 birds at a time, float a rainforest river seeking a breathtaking glimpse of a jaguar, meet an authentic Ese'eja Amazonian shaman, and visit oxbow lakes in search of nearly 13 primate species -- including the pygmy marmoset, the world's smallest primate. Once the center of the Inca Empire, Peru is also the guardian of South America's most important pre-Columbian treasures. Its ancient cities of Cusco, Machu Picchu, and Paracas emerged from seemingly lifeless coastal deserts and Andean valleys. Experience all the beauty and culture with our Peru Amazon Tours and Eco Adventures.

The richness of Peru's history is matched by the incredible diversity of its vast rain forest, which blankets more than half the country. The Amazon Basin runs down the eastern flank of Peru, providing travelers different environments in which to cruise on the rivers, stay in jungle lodges and explore the rain forest. Iquitos is the main gateway to the Amazon in the north, and a departure point for jungle stays in comfortable lodges and cruises on the mighty Amazon River. Eco-tourists seeking more remote primary rainforest seek out the southern Amazon basin, home to Tambopata Wildlife Reserve and Manu Biosphere Reserve. This area is ideal for wildlife lovers, birdwatchers, orchid fanciers, and nature lovers of all types, while conveniently close to Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Peru Amazon Wildlife & Machu Picchu EcoTours - Select Your Adventure Below:

Peru - Ultimate Wildlife Amazon & Machu Picchu 14-Day

Our most value-packed itinerary emphasizing wildlife and bird watching "off the beaten path." Specializing in the coveted Reserved Zones of Tambopata and Manu Biosphere Reserves - the #1 park in the world for biodiversity. Exclusive activities include a Jaguar Kayak float in Tambopata. Also includes Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Extend your trip to include Lake Titicaca, Puno, Colca Canyon, the Nazca Lines and more. Learn More>

2024 - $8,998

Peru - Ultimate Wildlife Amazon & Machu Picchu 9-Day

This shorter version of our Ultimate Wildlife itinerary is the same as our 13 day trip except for Manu Biosphere Reserve. It includes the world-famous macaw clay-licks at Tambopata, plus Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. You can extend either of these trips to include Lake Titicaca, Puno, Colca Canyon, Nazca Lines Learn More>

2024 - $5,498

Peru - Travel on Your Own

Choose your destinations, go whenever--and wherever--you want. Choose from any destination in the country and we can put your trip together for you. Gain access to our local, full-service office and our expert naturalist and biologist wildlife guides, vehicles, logistical support, and intimate knowledge of local accommodations, activities, and destination value. Allow us to customize a trip to meet your heart's desires! You can hike the Inca Trail, visit Machu Picchu, Tambopata, Manu, Lake Titicaca, Puno, Paracas, the Nazca Lines and much more, all with Wild Planet's expertise and special touches. Learn More>

Choose Your Peru Travel Style! Any of our wildlife adventures are also available as fully customizable private trips, honeymoons or family wildlife adventures.

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