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Maliau Basin: The "Lost World" of Borneo.

Created: 15 June 2015

CloudedLeopardWB A Wild Planet Adventures Exclusive!

Wild Planet Adventures is proud to be the first U.S. tour operator--and in fact the first International tour operator--to offer wildlife expeditions in the remote Maliau Basin, famously called the "Lost World" of Borneo. Discovered just recently in 1990, Maliau Basin is a unique circular escarpment surrounding a rainforest basin which has never been inhabited by man. It is one of three areas left in Borneo - the others being Danum Valley and Imbok Canyon - which encompass the last stands of the oldest rainforest on earth. Efforts are underway to nominate Maliau Basin, known as the "Lost World" of Borneo, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here, we will hike in areas so pristine, that if you step foot off the trail it is likely that no other human will have ever set foot where you are standing! Wildlife is much more shy here, although Wild Planet has made special arrangements with researchers and staff at the visitor center who will share camera trap photos of rare animals seen at Maliau Basin such as clouded leopard, sun bear, pygmy elephant, Malaysian badger or perhaps even the reclusive Bornean rhino. When possible, we will also accompany researchers to check camera traps for current photos of rare wildlife. You will also have the opportunity to hike alongside a pristine river, stained a deep rust color from the rich organic tannins in the leaves. If you're in particularly good shape, you might be able to hike as far as a remote waterfall, or just enjoy cooling down with a refreshing dip at several points near the trail.

For more information viist: Borneo Weird and Wonderful Wildlife 16-Day Eco Tour

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